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Hospital Clinical Care

Endovenous Management of Varicose Veins

Individualised treatment of varicose veins using endovenous radiofrequency ablation combined with additional adjuncts of injection sclerotherapy and microphlebectomies as required.

Current Management Strategies for Lower Limb Venous Disease and Lymphoedema

Evaluation and management options for patients with lower limb venous disease and lymphoedema.

This presentation includes all aspects of aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, diagnosis and a review of all current treatment modalities for varicose veins.

The role of the vascular surgeon and treatment of venous ulcers and lymphoedema is also explored.

Ulster University Lecturing

Therapeutic Strategies for the At-Risk Vascular Limb

This is the full lecture encompassing all aspects pertaining to the evaluation and management of the at-risk vascular limb with particular emphasis on the impact of diabetes in such patients. This lecture is delivered annually to undergraduate podiatry and allied healthcare students and also the postgraduate students enrolled in the Certificate/Diploma/MSc in Lower Limb Preservation in Diabetes.

Due to the length of the lecture, it has been split into 10 parts as follows;

External Multi-Media Presentations

8th February 2017

Under pressure: Hospitals struggle to find free beds

Highlighting the plight of diabetic foot disease and current pressures affecting the NHS as shown on the BBC News at 6pm and 10pm on the 8th February 2017.

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
“Message in a Minute”

The ELHT Vascular Team have every right to be proud of our recent “Message in a Minute” videos describing various aspects of clinical care for the five main vascular disease processes that are treated in our Specialist Vascular Unit; Aortic Aneurysms; Cerebrovascular Disease; Peripheral Arterial Disease; Varicose Veins; and Vascular Access in Renal Failure.

With a research interest in lower limb ischaemia, my video explored “Walking Limitations due to Blood Vessel Disease”.

Estelle and the Elm Media Team produced an additional summary video highlighting the quality of care the ELHT vascular service provides – Why Choose CALVES.

Thanks again to Elm Media.

(Videos presented below with permission from the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust).


East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
“Vascular Investigations”

Feedback from our “Message in a Minute” Video Series suggested that a patient-centred video series actually showing how we investigate certain vascular disease processes could have a major beneficial effect for our patients.

Estelle and the Elm Media Team produced five videos describing various vascular investigations that our patients frequently require and a further video detailing endovascular treatment in our “Angio” (angiography) room. Thanks again to Elm Media.

(Videos presented below with permission from the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust).


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